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Bison Nuclear, Inc.


Bison Nuclear, Inc. is a corporation chartered in the state of New Hampshire.  It's located in the town of Hampton on New Hampshire's seacoast.


Bison Nuclear exists to support nuclear power plant licensees and reactor vendors in various activities related to plant safety.  These activites include thermal-hydraulic analysis, radiological analysis, establishing system performance requirements, probabilistic risk assessment, and emergency planning.


The President of Bison Nuclear, Inc. is Mr. James Metcalf PE.  Mr. Metcalf has 43 years of experience in nuclear power including work at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY), Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, Polestar Applied Technology (now WorleyParsons Polestar), and AREVA NP and Federal Services.  He was a systems engineer at PNSY and Stone & Webster, Supervisor of Safety Engineering and Analysis and Lead Engineer for the Source Term Research Project for Stone & Webster, Technical Lead for Nuclear Safety Analysis and Project Manager for Alternative Source Term applications for Polestar, and a Technical Consultant and member of the College of Experts at AREVA.  In 2013, he retired from AREVA to form Bison Nuclear.

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